·Large LCD screen display ,prescription and technical parameter choose by set menu.
·10pcs of prescriptions (parameter can be memorized ,easily to be taken out to use ,also can be modified and re-saved .
·6pcs of specialists’ prescriptions ,easily to be taken out to use ,also can be used after instant modification.
·Adjusting two groups of output current fastly, slowly, synchronously or asynchronously by using of the key on the board.

Main indications:
·This apparatus stimulate the spastic muscle and antagonistic muscle, make both of them constract to treat spastic paralysis and begin the electrostimulation and electrogymnastics.
·Light palsy after blood vessel of brain contretemps ,cerebral palsy of children, spastic paralysis caused by post partum, multiple sclerosing  palsy,patients with high muscular tension caused by disease of spastic palsy which is caused by cerebrospinal trauma, which can relieve the symptoms and begin rehabilitation treatment









KJ-9100A Series muscle spasm treatment apparatus KJ-9100B Series muscle spasm treatment apparatus  
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