Treatment mechanism
Increase the regional cerebral blood flow, improve microcirculation;
Activate the cerebral endogenous neuro-protection mechanism, and protect the nerve cell; Lower the damage of exitotoxicity of nerve cells;
Stabilize the cerebral neurocyte membrane potential, inhibit depolarization wave;
Suppress the cerebral infectious reaction, absorb the oedema and alleviate the acute intracranial hypertension;
Ameliorate the disturbances of heart autonomic nerve of the cerebral apoplexy patients.
Stages of cerebral infarction, convalescence stage of cerebral hemorrhage, wakening of the cerebral trauma patients, convalescence stage of cerebral trauma, prevention of apoplexy, insufficiency of cerebral blood-supply(insufficiency of blood-supply of vertebral artery caused by cervical syndrome), hemicrania, insomnia, recognition functional impairment, senile dementia, depressive disorder etc..
Ophthalmology diseases like ischemia of fundus artery of eye and asthenopia etc..
Disturbances of autonomic nerve of the cerebral apoplexy patients.
Cerebral palsy of children.











KJ-3000A1 Cerebral stimulation treatment apparatus(portable style)

KJ-3000B2 Cerebral stimulation treatment apparatus(trolley style)

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